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Commissioner Delegations to Senior Resolutions Advisor

Instrument - 2019-01-29 - VLSC Delegations to Senior Resolutions Advisor_Redacted.pdf (676 KB) PDF icon

An outline of regulatory actions delegated to a VLSBC employee to perform under the Uniform Law.


CPD Review Issues Paper

CPD Review - Issues Paper.pdf (667 KB) PDF icon

This document outlines the key issues for discussion on the CPD review


Social Media Policy

Policy - VLSBC - Social Media May 2020 FINAL.pdf (238 KB) PDF icon

The way we use and manage our social media accounts is outlined within our Social Media policy


CPD Review Consultation Questions

VLSB+C CPD Review - Consultation Questions.DOCX (669 KB) Document icon

This document contains the consultation questions for the CPD review


CPD Review Executive Summary

CPD Executive Summary.pdf (721 KB) PDF icon

This document outlines the key issues for the CPD review and how you can contribute


CPD Review Terms of Reference

CPD Terms of Reference.pdf (135 KB) PDF icon

Outlines the terms of reference for the CPD review

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