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How to renew a Practising Certificate

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All practising certificates issued in Victoria expire on 30 June each year. You must apply to renew your certificate if you want to continue to practise law after this date. This includes lawyers who received their first practising certificate any time before 30 June.

Practising certificate renewal fees and payment with COVID-19

Our legislation does not permit us to waive or reduce the fee for PC renewal, nor are we able to extend the time frame for renewal or take instalment payments.  

Please see our COVID-19 FAQ page for changes made to the 2020/21 PC renewal.

What you need to do to renew

If you are able to renew your practising certificate now, please do so at LSB Online.  

How to apply

To apply for a renewal, you need to log in to your LSB Online account and follow the prompts. The application process explains all the information we need from you, and the fees you have to pay.

You must complete the personal declaration yourself. No other person can make this declaration for you.

Please note: we can't process your application if you have not paid your fees. If your fees are not paid by 30 June, we cannot issue your certificate. You cannot practise law without a current practising certificate.

We will issue your certificate to your nominated email address when we approve your application. Please ensure you keep your email address up to date in LSB Online. 


There are three types of fees that may apply to your practising certificate. These are:

Law practices who pay for their employees fees should log in to their LSB Online account.  For further information see the Practising certificate renewals 2020-21: Information for employers fact sheet. 

Deadlines and surcharges

You can apply to renew your certificate from late March until 30 June each year. 
If you failed to apply by 30 June, you will need to apply for a new practising certificate. You will incur a 200% surcharge on the practising certificate fee if you apply between 1 July and 30 September. We may also ask you for a declaration that you have not practised law since your last certificate expired. We may refund all or part of a surcharge paid if there are special circumstances. 

We cannot backdate practising certificates.

Not renewing?

If you don’t intend to continue to practise law, please log in to LSB Online and complete the ‘Not renewing’ form. This will take you off our follow-up and reminder mailing lists.

Need help with your renewal?

If you are a solicitor and you need help with your renewal application, please use the lawyer enquiry form to send your question.

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